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Centralized or Decentralized Marketing?

If you go to market through channels such as distributors, franchises, sales offices etc. you probably experience the challenges related to centralized and decentralized marketing.

If you choose centralized marketing, you will have control and can deliver a consistent brand message. However, you will miss out on the opportunity to allow your local sales and marketing resources, who are closest to the customer, to help you improve your marketing for each location.

If you choose decentralized marketing, you potentially put your marketing and branding in the hands of thousands of different shops and channels. Your key messages may become fuzzy and weak and the quality of your marketing products inconsistent.


At PrintLogic we can provide the technology to control your marketing materials from a central point. This assures 100% compliance with corporate branding requirements but still allows local channels and sales forces to customize as needed from anywhere, at any time from one go-to marketing hub. Our technology will help you market more effectively and control print marketing budgets!

We Build Custom Web-to-print Storefronts for your Business


Do you need sales sheets business cards, brochures, and direct mail pieces for your representatives in a timely manner? Now with our web-to-print solutions you can order them instantaneously and easier than ever before.

Let PrintLogic set up a web-store just for your company, featuring only your company's products. We will build a customized store based on your unique sales and marketing requirements.You decide which marketing products are the most relevant to have for each location, channel or franchisee and we’ll make it happen.

With just a few clicks, you can place orders online, check production order status, release finished goods from our warehouse, track shipments, and review account history.

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PrintLogic | Fulfillment Services

  • Fulfillment, mailing and distribution

  • Complex kitting and distribution

  • Web based ordering

  • Database management

  • Secure storage

  • Full range of reporting


We take care of your sales and marketing collateral and promotional items while you grow the business.

Here’s where PrintLogic  empowers you to do so much more. Channels, franchises, branches and field teams can access your marketing materials from anywhere at any time from one go-to marketing hub. Then they can customize messaging to engage any audience at every stage of a campaign, while still retaining 100% brand compliance.

Kitting Assembly Services

Our fulfillment services provides a vast array of kitting and assembly services to meet your needs. From sales and marketing kits, giveaways or gift with purchase orders, boxing, bagging, sorting, and kitting, we have the equipment and the skilled warehouse team to handle kitting assembly efficiently and cost effectively.

Inventory Management Services

Our inventory management provides services that allow you to manage your inventory according to your current business conditions. As seasonal demands or special sales campaigns occur we have the ability to match inventory levels against projected demand.

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