Quality and Speed in Direct Mail

It works! Direct mail by itself or as part of a larger integrated marketing campaign works! Direct mail can help you capture and keep your customer’s attention for a surprisingly small investment.

Direct mail competes favorably with all other channels, like websites, email etc., when it comes to creating awareness, interest and closing the sale.

And in fact millennials (ages 18 to 36) are "the only generation to rank mail as their preferred source of coupons."

1. Identify your Target

In today’s world you can reach a specific geographic area or demographic most interested in your product or service. You can target criteria like age, gender, income or interests. Once the profile is created we’ll provide you a precise database that meets the “ideal” customer or prospect. This is one of the most critical steps in an effective marketing program.

At PrintLogic we will work you to make sure you don’t waste precious marketing money on targeting the wrong people!

2. Target Engagement

Capturing your target’s attention and gaining interest are the main objectives of successful engagement. There are many ways to capture a potential buyer’s attention and interest, such as creativity, design, print quality, incentives and PERSONALIZATION.

PERSONALIZATION is a highly effective means to pull it all together. With each direct mail piece you can identify the recipient by name and tailor the message to their unique interests. Whether its 100 mailers or 100,000 each piece can be cost effectively personalized.

At PrintLogic, we can show you how to use PERSONALIZATION to blow the socks off your competition!

3. Make it Easy for your Target to Buy

After a successful engagement, make it easy for your target to buy. Besides personalized incentives there are other simple strategies that will help you make it easier for your customers to buy like driving them to your website with a discount code, or to a personal URL (pURL). Incorporate QR codes or even augmented reality (AR).

PrintLogic marketing technologists can show you how to navigate the options and find the best solution for you!

4. Tracking and Analytics

Our mail presorting services and use of Intelligent barcodes save you money on postage, and allow for end-to-end delivery tracking.

Use techniques like an order card or return envelope and you’ll know exactly how many people respond to your Direct Mail campaign. Incorporate online discount codes, customized email addresses or phone numbers to facilitate tracking while providing your customers different ways to get in touch with you.